Monday, 6 January 2014

New skirts make a happy worker.

So another new year rolls around, with the expectation of resolve and possibility. I think that whilst I instinctively shy from commitment at a time when I'm supposed to be committing, my daily read of the blogs I follow (all sewing related, generally), has inspired me to set down on paper screen what I would like out the coming year. Forget about the eating better lose weight run more sort of stuff. This is important. This is Sewing. And making stuff in general.

I will keep my sewing room tidyish. I may even paint it, if I can move the mountains of books. It doubles as the loft you see.

I will sew more cake.

I will try very hard to buy solid colour fabrics that I will wear regularly, instead of the prints I always want to play with.

I will remember to always wash my fabrics before cutting, so I don't end up with inappropriately short work skirts.

On a knitting note, I will finish the interminable ruffle for the jacket that I completed 2 years ago, so I can actually wear it whilst I remember buying the yarn. I can only remember the name of the pattern because I put it on my ravelry page.

Enough to be getting on with there. For now I need to feed the chimps, walk the dog, and maybe sew the dress I cut out yesterday. Hopefully pics to show soon.

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