Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I've always been a sucker for  big feet, big eyebrows and a beard.

Very much like the Grumpy Old Troll in fact, but possibly a little more territorial. Basil has all the ingredients for my perfect dog, OR SO I THOUGHT. Why does no-one stop you and say 'a terrier? Are you sure?'. Or, 'Perky ears! You deliberately chose Perky Ears?!'.

I had no idea, really. I mean I knew they had character. I expected that, honestly. Generally described as wilful, cunning or more positively, independant I knew he would have some. But did he have to have quite so much? At the grand old age of 12 is is still necessary to fly out of the house every morning spitting feathers at the postman/milkman/random passer by? Why is it that any fence or gate is assessed with a professional eye for escaping possibilities? Why when I eventually find him (having dug his way out of the Basil Barricade that we thought might contain him), does he give a teenage look of 'What? I would have called, and I'm home now aren't I?' And how is it that despite being a small fellow, when he decides that he will not be moved as he needs to sniff and pee on a particular spot many, many times over, there is no moving him at all. There are tracks in the tarmac where I tried.
Yet for all my grumbles and 'Basil you little s#*t' (to be said in the style of Angharad from School of Comedy. For some reason the Welsh accent is just perfect for utter contempt), I still quite like him. A lot. His tolerance knows no bounds with children and the cat. Only ours mind. Any other feline is fair game.

So take care, those who choose a pet for their big feet and perky ears. You may occasionally regret it, but you'll have a lot to talk about.

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  1. Pets with character are always the best. He looks absolutely ace!